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Apartments for sale in Istanbul Bagcilar, luxyra towers

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Bed rooms

About This Listing

It is located very close to the Basan Express Street in Bagcilar and is similar in design to the Mall of Istanbul.

Our project is a commercial complex topped by residential towers on the distinguished Basin Express Street in all its details and the new commercial nerve of Istanbul.

The project is waiting for the metro station under construction, which is only 50 meters away from the project and will be delivered in the sixth month of 2023

Project Specifications:

It is characterized by a modern and beautiful building exterior, as the construction of the Luxyra Towers project extends over a total land area of 17,000 square meters, green spaces constitute 35% of the total area, an area that gives a wide and sufficient natural atmosphere for recreational activities

Luxyra Project has two towers at the same height and provides various apartment options: in number of rooms from 1+1 to 4+1 26 floors per tower

The interior design of the apartments is provided with terraces and the project also provides a distinct option of apartments with private gardens from the first to fifth floors.

The total number of apartments in the project is 369 apartments and it also contains an open mall with a height of two floors and a total of 87 shops that are not currently for sale.

The project is characterized by the distribution of apartments on the towers... 1+1 apartment types make up the largest percentage of the total number of apartments in the back section of the complex.

The project also takes into account the provision of all apartment options on the front end of the towers.

Social services within the project:

The project provides all the services and entertainment needed by families and offices for adults and children.

These services include a summer and winter swimming pool, sports clubs, Turkish baths, sauna, massage rooms, cinema, wedding and meeting hall, PlayStation rooms, football and basketball field, and parking is also taken into account with two underground floors.

Cons of the project:

It is worth noting about the disadvantages of this project that the total number of apartments in the 4 + 1 style is only 8 apartments in the entire project, but the mere availability of these types of apartments within the complex in this important area is an advantage added to the project and the real estate developer.

Also, the rear apartment views of the project are on the industrial zone so far, with the mention that they will be demolished in the future and put an end to the industrial phenomenon in the areas around Basen Express Street.

There is licensed land for construction next to Building B but the permissible height is a maximum of 7 floors.

As for the defect of social services, despite their diversity and multiplicity, they are not separated between men and women, neither in days nor in places, and it is considered a negative point for some families.

Interior Finishes:

Before any detail, we mention that all apartments will be in the SMART HOME system.

The space of the apartment and the balcony is good and the spaces are also appropriately used, except for the 3 + 1 style apartments that are on the corners of the project and the balcony space will be slightly smaller than the rest.

Within the apartments, four Siemens items of electricity - oven, cooker, air vacuum, and dishwasher - will be delivered to the kitchen, as well as Siemens air conditioners, pico, or vestel will also be delivered with the apartment.

Doors and timbers will be from the Kale brand, the floor would be waterproof and thermally insulated, and the heating system would be natural gas, by what's called PETEK.

The baths will be delivered from VITRA or its equivalent in quality, and it is one of the distinctive brands in this field.

About the real estate developer:

The construction company of the Luxyra Towers project is Luxyra with a strong reputation in the field of construction and other fields, and its own Al-Safir International Schools Group also owns approximately 20 branches of the Show Brand in Istanbul.

The real estate developer has delivered a group of projects including Luxera Residence, Luxera Güneşli, Luxera Beheshtli Evlar, and Luxyra Meydan

It has two projects under construction, including this project, and other distinctive projects are being studied.

Mentioning these achievements of the real estate developer, we can say that he is one of the strong real estate developers in the market.


The price per square meter in the Luxyra project ranges between 2900 and 3500 US dollars

For total areas of apartments ranging from 65 to 298 square meters

Apartment prices run from $210,000 up to $1,000,000, with cash and installment payment systems over 24 months after paying 50% of the apartment's value.

In the luxyra project, the value of taxes is 0, i.e., you will pay nothing when you extract the tabu, an important investment advantage of the project.

The second, more important advantage is that the tax value, the  KDV, is only 1% of the value of the apartment, which in some projects amounts to 18%.

As for leasing and its returns: The building permit here is residence, meaning that the investor can rent in a tourist manner, and it is known that hotel rental returns are higher than annual rental returns, but the management of the complex will not allow renting apartments for less than a month for matters related to safety and reputation of the complex, and this is an advantage for the residents of the complex from families and companies, but it is negative for investors wishing to obtain daily rental returns. As for the annual rental, apartments can be rented as student housing or rented as offices because the area is rich in universities and companies.

Since the project is in its early stages of construction, we consider buying in this project a real investment opportunity and obtaining profits that may reach more than 40% if the purchase is made at this stage and the sale at the end of the project, especially since the area is witnessing a clear urban transformation and has an excellent investment future.



  • Price: 210000.00$
  • Area:65
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Rooms: 1+1 1+1
  • Bed rooms:1
  • Property Type:Apartment
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