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Sultan Eyup

Sultan Eyup:


In the old city of Istanbul:

This area is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, which is a destination for lovers of Islamic civilization throughout the year, and is considered to have an authentic historical dimension, and a center for heritage.

It has been used for a long time as a burial place, and is the home of many Christian churches and Islamic cemeteries

It is located in the European part of the city, and was founded after the conquest of Constantinople, as it was the first Ottoman destination outside the city walls.



It is one of the municipalities of Istanbul, established in 1936 AD, with part of the Fatih Dibeoglu and Sariyer districts. It has an area of ​​242 square kilometers, and includes 21 neighborhoods and villages.


Investment Zone Features

It has a short coastline with the interior of the Golden Horn, and a long coastline between the villages of Akpinar and Jeftalan in the Black Sea.


definition limits:

It is bordered by Sarırokağıthani in the east, Beyoglu in the southeast, Gaziosmanpaşa and Bayrampaşa in the southwest, Zeytinbru and Fatih in the south, Arnavutkoy and Sultangazi in the west, and Basaksehir in the southwest.


Famous neighborhoods of Eyup Sultan:

Ali B Coy.





Carbor jazz.


Yeşil Pinar.


Historic places:

The mosque and mausoleum of the great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari (may God be pleased with him), whose construction was ordered by Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh.

Armenian Apostolic Church of Surbegia.


Places of tourism and entertainment in the region:

Istanbul Sultan Eyup Cable Car: It has a length of 384 meters, a height of 55 meters, which runs every 5 minutes, and takes 3,500 tourists daily, through which you can enjoy a tour in the open air, and watch a charming shot of Istanbul.

The fairytale city of Vialand (Disneyland Turkey) is also called Esampol:

It is considered one of the largest amusement parks and the best amusement park in the Middle East for the year 2021 AD, which contains 50 fun games, including water games.

Pierre Loti Café: named after one of the most famous French writers who wrote about Istanbul in their books.

Sultan Eyup Park: It is an extremely beautiful natural link available to the residents of the area.

Istanbul Dolphinarium: One of the best places in Istanbul, and the largest indoor European water park dating back to 2008 AD, which offers a series of shows of the cutest aquatic creatures such as dolphins, beluga whales and seals.

Summer Activities Club.

Golden Horn Park.

Ayoub Sports Complex.


Malls and Shopping Places:

Forum Istanbul Mall: It is classified as one of the most beautiful complexes in Istanbul, and contains an ice rink, children's games, a center for children's intelligence games, and a snow museum.

Access Mall Istanbul (Venice Mall Istanbul): which contains shops, international and local brands, as well as cinemas, cafes and restaurants.


Schools and universities in the region:

Amjad Al-Uruba School and Zinda Turkish School.

Bay University and Istanbul Ayvansaray University.


Sultan Eyup hotels:

Moqenbek Hotel (Golden Century): which is considered one of the best hotels in Istanbul [5 stars].

Titanic Business Hotel Istanbul.


Transportation service in the area:

It has all transportation means from metro, metrobus, tramway, and an integrated taxi service.


Zone features:

The continuous rise in real estate prices, which boosts investment in the region.

Suitable for families, due to the large number of service facilities in it.

Islamic and conservative.

The aesthetics of the area with its architectural style.

The establishment of housing projects in a modern style.

Its geographical location is close to the most important landmarks of Istanbul.

The advanced infrastructure is available.

The presence of Arab and international schools.

It is close to the famous universities in Istanbul.

It is 37 km away from the new Istanbul Airport and 50 km from Sabiha Airport.

Its proximity to the most famous malls and various shopping centers.