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Kathane District


 About the area:

 The Kathane district is located near the center of Istanbul, and it is only 8 km away from the city center. It is the crossroads of important lines and transportation, because it is located next to the Bosphorus bridges and the main transport lines. It also mediates four distinct areas in Istanbul, and each of these areas has its own advantages and unique characteristics:

 It is bordered to the north by Sariyer, to the northeast by the charming view of the Bosphorus in the (Besiktas), to the east by Sisli, to the southwest by Istiklal Street and Taksim Square in the Beyoğlu region, and to the west and northwest by the historical Sultan Eyup district with a historical Islamic character.

 Like other areas of Istanbul, Kathane includes some popular neighborhoods, as well as modern neighborhoods that include modern residential towers.


 The advantages and disadvantages of residential and investment in the region:

 The area is classified as one of the most important and best areas of Istanbul as an upscale social environment, and a family housing area par excellence, as it is close to the city center, and has all the services the family needs, excellent infrastructure, and includes a large number of hospitals, schools, universities and tourist places.

 Among its disadvantages are the presence of some old buildings in areas that have not been urbanized, and the nature of the mountainous region, which can be negative for some in terms of climate, driving and walking.


 Transportation and transportation in the area:

 Kathane district is considered a distinct transportation node, as it is located in the city center, near the center despite the congestion of Istanbul, where many transportation lines pass through it, the most important of which are:

 Bus lines: B/41ST/65A/48T/48N/48H

 Metro line: M7

 Dimish and minibuses: B35/B43


 Administrative services in the region:

 AVM . Mall

 Istanbul Sapphire Shopping and Entertainment Center


 The most important hospitals in the region:

 Levent Private Hospital

 Derendere Specialized Hospital

 Kagithane Governmental Hospital


 The most important schools and universities in the region:

 Atlas University of Istanbul

 Istanbul Valley High School


 The most important tourist places in the region:

 Sinbad's Palace

 Has Bhatta Park

 Imrahor Fountain

 Attia Sultan Palace



 The most important cultural and sports centers:

 Goltepe Cultural Center

 Kathaneh Cultural Center

 Sultan Salim Youth Cultural Center

 Kagithani Ski Center