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Basaksehir District

Basaksehir located on the European side of Istanbul, with a location in the middle of the Arnavutkoy, Eyup, Sultangazi, and Esenler regions

It is also overlooked from the south by Bagcilar, Küçükçekmece

and Avcilar, all the way to Esenyurt at the western end

The total area of Basaksehir is about 104 square kilometers, of which green spaces and pristine nature forests represent a high percentage.

Basaksehir consists of several large neighborhoods, the most famous of which are:



Kafrgin Tepe

Shahin Tepe

First Etap, Second Etab

Basaksehir is about 29 km from Taksim

And about Fatih 21 km

And about Istanbul's new airport 30 km

It is 30 km from the Bosphorus


Social services in Basaksehir:

The facilities, services and entertainment in the region are among the most obvious positives of the region, as the municipality of Basaksehir has worked to provide many services such as playgrounds, sports clubs, swimming pools, cultural centers, theaters and others

It also has government institutions and branches of basic institutions such as the title deed, souls, water, electricity, gas and other departments.

It includes special branches for all banks operating in Turkey, which is an important investment attraction for entrepreneurs.

In education, Basaksehir includes Ibn Khaldun University, which is characterized by its unique Ottoman design and teaches its curricula in Arabic, English and Turkish.

In the field of shopping, the area includes a number of major commercial malls such as Mall of Istanbul and Outlet 212,

There are also various popular bazaars.

In addition to the Atatürk National Stadium for the "Olympics" Games

It is classified in Europe as a "five-star stadium"

In the health sector, Basaksehir includes the Medical City, which is one of the largest health centers in Turkey

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