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Bahcelievler District

 It is pronounced in more than one form and has several names according to different dialects:


  Bahce Evler


 It is one of the best tourist attractions in Istanbul, if not the most distinguished at all

 It is located on the western European side of Istanbul, sprawled over an area of ​​16.7 km². It is located in the middle between the archaeological, touristic and commercial areas (Taksim / Fatih / Sisli) and the new areas of Istanbul (Başakşehir / Bahçeşehir / Beylikdüzü) and it contains 11 neighborhoods



 Al-Manar International School

 Al Aqsa Schools

 Tulip School

 Iraqi Knowledge Academy



 Marmara University

 Kultur University



 Metro pott AVM Mall

 Kadirhas children's world

 Outlet Star City

 Shirin Evler Ottoman

 Marmara Frome


 Hospitals and health:

 Istanbul Physiotherapy Hospital

 Bahçelievler Oral and Dental Health Center

 Bahcelievler State Hospital

 Private Women's Hospital

 Memo Real Hospital


 Recreational centers:

 Sovereignty National Park

 Ferran Palace

 Soganli Fountain

 Siavos Pasha Palace

 Chopan Shima Bridge


 Features of Bahcelievler District:

 Its proximity to the center of Istanbul with acceptable prices for housing

 It has a metro and metrobus line

 The buildings of Bahçelievler district are distinguished by the fact that each building has its own garden

 The first industrial zone and the first Coca-Cola factory in Turkey was established in it.


 It is the ideal area if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, so buying a property in Bahçelievler area will be among your first options, as the real estate sector is seen as an important investment gateway in the region.