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Bagcilar District


 Bagcilar is one of the most important residential areas on the European side of Istanbul.

 It is bordered on the west by Küçükçekmece, on the south by Bahçelievler, on the north by Başakşehir, and on the east by Gaziosmanpaşa.

 It occupies a central location in the center of Istanbul and is considered one of the most important and closest to all vital centers and tourist and historical attractions, as well as abounding in urban development.

  It extends over an area of ​​22 square kilometers divided into 3 sections and 22 neighborhoods, the most famous of which are.


 the conqueror.

 Kamal Pasha.



 It is located near Bagcilar, one of the most famous malls in Istanbul, but in all of Europe. It is

 Mall of Istanbul

 and huge shopping malls like 212.

 Power Outlet.

 Gunesli Shopping Center.



 The area includes many distinguished schools, the most important of which are:

 jasmine school

 Ambassador School

 Al Fayez School

 Arab International School

 Libyan Model School


 Hospitals and health

 Medicana Hospital

 Medipol Hospital

 Hospital 34 Private

 Gunesli Medical Hospital

 Al Ain International Hospital


 Tourist and recreational places

 Bagcilar Square

 Picnic Street

 Mehmet Arsay Museum of Classic Cars

 Yarem Borgaz Cave

 Khan Kashkji

 Kashkji Fountain

 ottoman palace

 Kastana Garden

 Tooclaw Bridge

 Nasr Chunk Museum

 Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum of Culture and Arts


 An overview of the advantages of the Bagcilar region

 From an Islamic point of view, the area includes 81 mosques, in addition to 23 free libraries for those wishing to visit them.

 The area is close to the E80 motorway.

 The metro saves residents time and money, greatly.

 Being a main corridor of the road to the Basin Express area, the most popular investment area in Istanbul.

 It is one of the most important commercial and industrial centers in Istanbul, where there is a great diversity in the textile industry, food, metal industries, business and trade centers.

 The printing and administration centers and official newspapers such as Hurriyet, Milliyet, Maidan, Donia and Aket newspapers are located in it.

 It has a huge commercial city called Astosh.

 It is also the headquarters of a large number of major companies in Turkey due to its distinguished location.

 These advantages make Bagcilar an investment target within Istanbul real estate and a gateway to real estate investment in the region.