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  A term that means fishermen in Turkish. Avcilar area is considered one of the best areas in Istanbul for real estate investment. It is known for its rapid growth and prosperity, in addition to its high-end social environment and its distinguished location in the western part of Istanbul, which is full of life and ancient history, between the areas of Basaksehir in the north, Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü in the west, and Kucukcekmece Lake in the east.  Overlooking the Marmara Sea in the south, it is about 26 km from the center of Istanbul.

 The modern part of Avcilar is Sparta Kole.


 :Avcilar District Features

 It is close to the Istanbul Canal project.

 The two main roads in Istanbul, TEM and E5. pass through it

 Avcilar coast because of its beautiful and attractive views.

 The Bos metro stations are located in it, which is the most important means of transportation in Istanbul.

 There are commercial markets such as the Marmara Market and the Furniture Market, in addition to the famous Belkan Mall.

 Close to public transportation and main roads.

 It also enjoys a diverse social environment, as it annually attracts an increasing number of the Arab community.

 Therefore, many real estate companies have established important housing projects for their general location and investment atmosphere.


Investing in Avcilar:

 The turnout for Avcilar real estate has reached 20% of the total real estate sold in Istanbul in recent years due to the strategic and investment importance of the region.

 The importance of investing in Avcilar can be summarized in the following points:

 Excellent geographical location, as Avcilar apartments are close to the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake, which makes most of the views of the sea wonderful.

 Excellent transportation: where the metrobus line passes through Avcilar area, one of the fastest transportation in Istanbul 7/24, and also the availability of other types of transportation such as public transport buses, taxis and others.

 Universities and international schools as it includes many Turkish and international universities such as Istanbul Cerrahpasa University, Galissim University, in addition to many Turkish schools and private schools at all levels such as Oceanus School, Al-Nahda, Al-Manar.

 There are many public and private hospitals and clinics, which made the health facilities in Avcilar excellent.

 Parks and Parks: Avcilar includes many large parks that are visited by residents from the surrounding areas to spend evenings or weekends, including the Snow Museum and Avcilar Beach, which is equipped with a feast of cafes and restaurants.

 Many sports clubs, malls, popular markets, and recreational services, including Pelican Mall and the famous Marmara Market.

 Provides job opportunities, especially with the social structure of the region, which is characterized by diversity and coexistence between different nationalities.

 The urban renaissance in the Avcilar region and the distinctive urban character that still preserves the Ottoman-Turkish identity even in modern buildings.

 The diversity of real estate projects in Avcilar, especially residential complexes, made it a family area par excellence.

 .Initially lower real estate prices in Avcilar compared to the old center of Istanbul

 The high return on investment in Avcilar with the high demand for it by foreigners, whether residential or commercial real estate.

 Rents of apartments in Avcilar have increased since 2021, as they have achieved high returns due to the high demand for them by Turks and foreigners..