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 About the area

 One of the oldest areas in Istanbul and dubbed (the financial city) for its great economic activity. It is a modern and trendy area and an ideal destination for businessmen and investment tourism.

 It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and consists of 17 districts with an area of ​​about 27 square kilometers and has matured administratively as a district in 2008

 The node of the intersection of the O2 and O4 highways was formed by taking parts of Kadikoy, Uskudar, Umraniye and Kartal.


 Administrative Boundaries and Directions:

 It is bordered by Umraniye to the north, to the northeast by Sanjaktepe, to the east by Maltepe, and to the south by Kadikoy

 It is west of Uskudar.


 Distinguished Service Distances:

 The area is 21 km from Taksim Square, 28 km from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, and 60 km from the new Istanbul Airport


  Investment services for the region:

 The region is considered the center of attracting investors in the real estate sector in the first place due to the increasing number of new investment opportunities that will be available more after the completion of the Financial Finance Center project, which has recently begun work on its construction

 After the statement of the Turkish Appraisal Association (this region will become the heart of the Turkish economy)


 Transportation and transportation:

 The transportation network in the region is very developed, as it is possible to reach Ataşehir through the M4 line, the metro station (Kozete) Istanbul.

  It takes 15 minutes from Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh Bridge

  /3 minutes from the D100 motorway and the Izmit-Ankara Trans-European Motorway (TEM)

 15 minutes from Baghdad Street and Kadikoy District

 / 20 minutes from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, the second international airport in Istanbul


 Tourist attractions:

 Jokijit Picnic Park, which was established in 1995

 Kaystajl Forest is one of the most attractive places in the region

 Ulker Sports Arena: It is one of the places that has made a significant contribution to the region and hosts the Fenerbahce Ulker Basketball Team.


 Hotels and accommodation:

 /216 turquoise suites

 /Nish Atasehir Suite

 /Ataşehir gate

 Pasha Palace Hotel

 Radisson Blu Asia Hotel


 Malls and markets:

 Brandium Mall: It opened in 2013.

 / Optimal exit: which contains the first natural ice rink on the Anatolian side.

 /Novada Atasehir: One of the leading companies in the management of shopping and leasing in Turkey

 /Water Garden Mall



 Cultural centers and education services:


 The area is luxurious and full of modern buildings and commercial clusters and includes a number of skyscrapers that have earned it high value with international real estate investment companies and venture capitalists alike.

 It contains:

 A special number of hospitals and health centers

 A large number of educational institutions such as schools and universities

 And a number of cultural centers.

 A number of sports clubs.

  It also includes a tennis court.

 It is famous for its football sports club.


 Tourist services:

 The area includes many restaurants and cafes as well as cinemas and many international hotel chains such as:

 Marriott hotel

 Hilton hotel

 It is distinguished by its strong proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge

 It is close to Kartal sea port