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Buyukcekmece is located on the shore of the Marmara Sea in the European side of Istanbul, distinguished by its charming geography and an area of ​​173


 Geographical location:

 .It is bordered on the east by Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt

 To the west is Silivri, to the north is Catalca, Arnavutkoy, and to the south is the Sea of ​​Marmara

 Buyukcekmece is about 57 km away from Taksim.



 The E5 and E80 highways connect the city center and Buyukcekmece.



 Al-Fayez Schools.

 .Istanbul International School


 Recreational, tourist and historical facilities:

 Big Ataturk Park.

 Buyukcekmece Lake.

 Debok Çekmece Beach.

 Mimar Sinan Beach

 Albatros Beach.

 Buyukcekmece or Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Bridge.

 Khan Kursunlu.

 Sinjlar Mosque.

 Saqli Muhammed Pasha Mosque.

 .Tuyap Gallery

 .Aqua Marina Water City

 .Kultur Park

 Tepecik Çamlik Park.

 Perlavista Mall.

 .Etros Mall

 .It has the third largest television tower in the world


 :Real estate comparison for clarification

 Instead of buying a two-bedroom apartment in Sisli area with a salon in the center of Istanbul for an amount of 300-700 thousand dollars, you can buy your own villa of three or four bedrooms, so that this villa is independent and has a private walled garden, with a swimming pool and a car garage within or outside a villa complex, all for an amount similar to the price of a two-bedroom apartment with a salon in the tourist city center.